Arknights Promo Codes November 2023

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Arknights, the tactical mobile RPG, demands strategic prowess and a trove of resources to navigate the challenges of Rhodes Island. Yostar, the game’s developer, consistently releases Arknights promo codes packed with valuable rewards to aid players in their battles against the infection. Here, we compile these arknights promo codes, ensuring you never miss out on these bonuses before they expire.

arknights promo codes

Should you seek an advantage in this tactical tower defense RPG, consult our Arknights tier list to identify top-tier operators. Additionally, explore our curated selection of the finest mobile RPGs for more thrilling adventures.

Active Arknights Codes

Discover the latest Arknights gift code providing 200 furniture parts, ten strategic battle records, 1.2k orundum, and 20k LMD: GWSIX6JJA25P4QEK.

arknights promo codes

How to Redeem Arknights Codes

Redeeming these codes is a simple process:

  1. Launch Arknights
  2. Navigate to the ‘shop’ button on the home page
  3. Access the ‘gift’ tab
  4. Input the code in the designated box
  5. Confirm to receive your rewards

Alternatively, redeem codes through your browser:

  1. Visit the official Arknights gift page
  2. Enter your UID (found under your in-game name)
  3. Paste the active code in the provided text box
  4. Redeem to claim your rewards

Expired Codes

These codes, unfortunately, have expired:













Understanding Arknights Codes

Arknights codes, graciously provided by Yostar Limited, grant a range of in-game advantages—from crucial currencies to indispensable materials. Remember, these codes have a limited lifespan, but fear not, we diligently update our collection to ensure you access fresh freebies regularly.

arknights promo codes

Currently, these are all the Arknights codes available. For additional freebies in leading gacha games, stay tuned to our updates on Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Star Rail codes, and more.

Arknights Gift Codes Reddit

Players often share Arknights gift codes on Reddit, making it a prime platform to stay updated on the latest codes that might offer rewards, currency, or valuable in-game items.

Arknight Gift Codes Not Expired

Keep an eye out for active Arknights gift codes that have not expired yet. These codes typically grant players various resources like orundum, furniture parts, battle records, and LMD.

Arknights Gift Codes Free

Arknights occasionally releases free gift codes, allowing players to obtain items without spending real money. These codes are usually time-sensitive, so redeem them promptly to claim your rewards.

Arknights Global Redeem Codes

Arknights Global redeem codes are distributed by the developers for players across all regions. These codes usually offer bonuses or in-game items to enhance your gameplay experience.

Arknights Gift Code Livestream

Occasionally, Arknights hosts livestream events where they unveil exclusive gift codes. Participating in these streams can grant you access to special codes that provide unique rewards.

Arknights Gift Page

The official Arknights gift page is where players can enter their UID and redeem active codes. It’s a straightforward process to claim rewards directly from the game’s developers.

Arknights Redeem

Redeeming Arknights codes is an easy process that involves entering the code either in-game or on the official website. It grants you access to various rewards to aid in your gameplay.

Arknights Gift Code Anniversary

During Arknights’ anniversary celebrations, special gift codes are often released, offering players exclusive rewards as a commemoration of the game’s milestone.


In conclusion, Arknights regularly provides gift codes through various channels, offering players a chance to bolster their gameplay with valuable resources and rewards. Staying updated on platforms like Reddit and participating in special events like livestreams can grant access to exclusive codes. Remember to promptly redeem these codes on the official Arknights gift page or in-game to claim your rewards before they expire.


1. Where can I find Arknights gift codes?

Reddit discussions, official livestreams, and the game’s official channels often announce these codes.

2. How long are Arknights gift codes valid?

Gift codes have expiration dates, so redeem them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on rewards.

3. Can I use Arknights gift codes multiple times?

No, each gift code can typically be redeemed only once per account.

4. Do expired Arknights gift codes work?

Expired codes won’t grant any rewards, so ensure you use active codes before they expire.

5. What rewards do Arknights gift codes offer?

Gift codes can provide various resources such as orundum, LMD, furniture parts, and strategic battle records to aid players in the game.

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