Free Fire Headshot Configuration File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT, and LAG FIX

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The Free Fire headshot configuration and Aimassit, which have been the most eagerly anticipated updates to the Free Fire, have now been released. The updated configuration is compatible with Free Fire Max and all current Free Fire versions. Those who own smartphones with low-end specs will find this version useful because it is specially optimised for them. The Free Fire headshot configuration is flawless and error-free.

Free Fire Headshot Configuration File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT, and LAG FIX Tips & Codes

What’s New in the Free Fire Headshot Config Version?

Free Fire Headshot Configuration File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT, and LAG FIX Tips & Codes

The latest Free Fire headshot configuration aims to significantly enhance the gameplay experience. Here are the key improvements to look forward to:

  • Increased Aimassist Accuracy: The new configuration boasts an impressive boost of up to 50% in Aimassist accuracy. This means that players can expect better targeting and precision in their shots.
  • Calibrated Auto Headshot: The Auto headshot feature is now calibrated for more accuracy, ensuring that players can land critical headshots with ease. This enhancement will undoubtedly be a game-changer in firefights.

If you haven’t already updated your Free Fire game, it’s strongly recommended to do so promptly to unlock the advantages offered by the new headshot configuration.

Compatibility Testing to Run Free Fire Headshot Configuration

The Free Fire aimbot configuration has undergone rigorous testing, and it has proven to work seamlessly on various devices. For instance, it has been successfully tested on the Redmi Note 5, where the Auto headshot feature functions without any issues. This newfound accuracy and performance improvements are exciting, and players are encouraged to try the new configuration on their devices to experience these changes firsthand.

Device Requirement: 60Hz Screen Refresh Rate

Free Fire Headshot Configuration File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT, and LAG FIX Tips & Codes

It’s essential to note that to fully utilize the Auto headshot feature in the new version of the Free Fire headshot configuration, your device should support at least a 60Hz screen refresh rate. This ensures that you can make the most of the precision it offers in fast-paced battles.

Download and Installation of Free Fire Headshot Config

To access the new Free Fire headshot configuration, follow these steps, particularly if you’re using a device with Android 11 or Android 10:

Free Fire Headshot Configuration File for AUTO HEADSHOT, AIMBOT, and LAG FIX Tips & Codes

Download Z Archiver:

Start by downloading Z Archiver on your device. This tool will help you extract and manage the headshot configuration.

Download the Configuration:

Obtain the Free Fire headshot configuration from the official website or a trusted source. Make sure it’s the latest and official version.


After the download is complete, use Z Archiver to extract the Free Fire headshot configuration.

Copy Configuration File:

Within the extractor, locate and long-press the “BNL RED NUMBER AIMBOT CONFIG” file. Then, select the “Copy” option.

Paste Configuration File:

Navigate to your device’s internal storage and follow this path: Device > Internal Storage > Data > Com.dts.freefireth > File > Contentcache > compulsory > android > gameassetbundle > Config. Paste the copied configuration file here.

Test in Free Fire:

Finally, open the Free Fire game on your smartphone and explore how the new configuration works. This method has proven to work effectively on a wide range of devices.


The latest AimBot and Free Fire headshot configuration updates promise an exciting prospect for players looking to enhance their aiming proficiency. AimBot ensures that you land headshots more consistently and never miss your target. Importantly, it’s designed to maintain a natural appearance in your gameplay, making it challenging for opponents to detect.

For those curious about the new Headshot configuration for Free Fire, we hope this article has answered your questions. To stay updated on this and other exciting game developments, keep a close eye on our latest updates. Happy gaming!

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