PUBG Mobile Free Accounts With UC (October 2023)

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PUBG Mobile stands out as one of the most popular and widely enjoyed games, securing its place as a top-tier battle royale game. To embark on your gaming journey in this world of intense battles and survival, you must have an account for logging in. Typically, players use their Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail accounts to create an account and save their ranks and achievements.

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts With UC (October 2023) Tips & Codes

For newcomers starting with a fresh account, they are not greeted with any UC (the in-game currency), skins, or rewards. However, did you know that there are alternative ways to acquire a PUBG Mobile Free Account, one that comes loaded with rewards and a Royal Pass? If you’re keen on obtaining these free rewards, consider the following options:

  1. PUBG Mobile Free Account Websites:
    Several websites offer PUBG Mobile Free Accounts with an email ID and password. Upon logging in for the first time, you’ll receive 800 UC.
  2. In-Game Rewards:
    Upon logging in, you’ll unlock numerous rewards such as gun skins (Scar-L, DP28, M416, M16A4, M762, and more), sniper rifle skins (M24, KAR 98, AWM), shotgun skins (S12K), and outfits for the new season.
  3. In-Game Currency:
    You’ll receive 100,000 BP and 2,000 silver fragments to spend on various in-game items.

Several websites offer these PUBG Mobile Free Accounts with email IDs and passwords, allowing you to sign up and enjoy all the benefits, including higher ranks. While it’s easier to log in using your Facebook account, doing so won’t grant you these valuable rewards – you’ll have to earn them.

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts – Working Examples Here are some working examples of PUBG Mobile Free Accounts we’ve found publicly and from various sources:

  1. Email:, Password: 994536502
  2. Email:, Password: embihys214
  3. Email:, Password: pubgnoah1995
  4. Email:, Password: eduargosk88
  5. Email:, Password: Coolpubg2020
  6. Email:, Password: wirtango492
  7. Email:, Password: Pm575295
  8. Email:, Password: Ciriclemortes
  9. Email:, Password: 4278432789
  10. Email:, Password: Hanstoytneg3054
  11. Email:, Password: dagEDgan
  12. Email:, Password: terminantor29
  13. Email:, Password: dach9628

Reasons to Acquire a PUBG Mobile Free Account There are several compelling reasons why people seek to obtain a PUBG Mobile Free Account:

Unlock Royal Pass:

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts With UC (October 2023) Tips & Codes

By obtaining a free account, players gain access to the coveted Royal Pass, a challenging achievement to attain. With the Royal Pass, you can unlock a plethora of outfits, emotes, and gun skins.

Bypassing Missions:

Typically, players need to complete missions to unlock gun skins. With a free account, there’s no need to go through the trouble of completing these missions.

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts With UC (October 2023) Tips & Codes

In-Game Currency:

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts With UC (October 2023) Tips & Codes

You’ll receive UC, BP, and silver fragments – the in-game currencies used for various in-game purposes and purchases. These currencies open up a world of customization for your character.

Fast-Track Rewards:

Acquiring a PUBG Mobile Free Account is a shortcut to enjoying various benefits and features that would typically take a long time to accumulate through regular gameplay.

In summary, obtaining a PUBG Mobile Free Account offers users a treasure trove of features and rewards that may take an extended period to amass through conventional gameplay.

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