Rise of the Angry Earth: New World’s First Expansion

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“Rise of the Angry Earth” marks a significant milestone in the world of New World, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As the game’s first expansion, it promises to introduce players to new challenges, adventures, and mysteries. In this in-depth article, we will explore the details of this expansion, its significance, and what it means for New World enthusiasts.

What is “Rise of the Angry Earth”?

Rise of the Angry Earth

Unveiling the Expansion

“Rise of the Angry Earth” is the first expansion for New World, developed by Amazon Games. This expansion was announced on [Date], and it has since generated a great deal of excitement among the game’s player base. The expansion’s title suggests a new storyline involving the enigmatic Angry Earth faction, a central element in New World’s lore.

The Angry Earth Faction

The Angry Earth is a faction within New World known for its close connection to nature and its elemental powers. Players have encountered elements of this faction throughout the base game, making the prospect of delving deeper into their lore particularly intriguing.

Key Features of the Expansion

Rise of the Angry Earth

New Regions to Explore

One of the most anticipated aspects of the “Rise of the Angry Earth” expansion is the introduction of new regions. Players can look forward to venturing into previously unexplored territories, each with its own unique challenges and rewards.

Engaging Storyline

The expansion is expected to bring a compelling storyline that delves into the Angry Earth’s history, motives, and relationship with Aeternum. This narrative depth is sure to captivate both new and veteran players.

New Dungeons and Raids

For those seeking more challenging content, “Rise of the Angry Earth” will introduce new dungeons and raids, promising formidable foes and epic battles. Teamwork and strategy will be key to conquering these encounters.

Additional Weapons and Gear

To enhance gameplay, the expansion will introduce new weapons and gear, providing players with fresh options for customization and combat strategies. This addition will undoubtedly impact the game’s meta and player strategies.

Faction-Based Content

Factions are a core element of New World, and the expansion will likely bring new faction-based content, quests, and conflicts, adding depth to the faction system.

Community Expectations

Rise of the Angry Earth

Anticipation and Speculation

The New World community is buzzing with anticipation and speculation regarding “Rise of the Angry Earth.” Players are sharing their theories about the expansion’s storyline, its impact on the game’s economy, and how it will affect faction dynamics.

Hope for Game Improvement

Many players hope that the expansion will not only bring new content but also address some of the base game’s issues, including balance adjustments and bug fixes. The development team has a chance to use this expansion to improve the overall gaming experience.


What is the release date for “Rise of the Angry Earth”?

The release date for the expansion has not been officially announced. Players are encouraged to follow official New World channels and updates for release information.

Will the expansion be free for existing players?

The pricing model for “Rise of the Angry Earth” has not been confirmed. Players should stay tuned for announcements regarding pricing and availability.

Can I expect new classes or character customization options?

The expansion’s details regarding character customization and new classes have not been revealed. Amazon Games may provide more information closer to the expansion’s release.

How will the Angry Earth faction be integrated into the expansion’s content?

While specifics are yet to be disclosed, players can expect the Angry Earth faction to play a central role in the expansion’s storyline and gameplay.

What happens to existing characters and progress with the expansion?

Players’ existing characters and progress are expected to carry over into the expansion. Details about character progression within the expansion will likely be revealed before its release.

Are there any pre-order bonuses or special editions for the expansion?

Information about pre-order bonuses and special editions, if available, will be communicated by Amazon Games in the lead-up to the expansion’s launch.


“Rise of the Angry Earth” is an exciting development for New World enthusiasts. With promises of new regions, a captivating storyline, and additional gameplay features, it has the potential to breathe new life into the game and keep players engaged for years to come. As we await further details and the official release date, the New World community is abuzz with excitement, eager to embark on this new adventure.

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