Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unveiling New Power-Ups, Badges & Yoshi Riding Yoshi

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The world of gaming is abuzz with excitement as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest installment in the iconic Super Mario franchise, introduces an array of thrilling features. From new power-ups that will change the way you navigate the Mushroom Kingdom to collectible badges that add depth to your adventure, and the heartwarming Yoshi riding Yoshi experience, this game is a must-play for Mario enthusiasts. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the wonders of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and what makes it a standout addition to the series.

What is Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

A Mario Adventure Reimagined

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest offering from Nintendo, featuring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario, on an exciting new adventure. This installment combines the classic platforming gameplay that fans adore with innovative additions that breathe new life into the franchise.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unveiling New Power-Ups, Badges & Yoshi Riding Yoshi Beginners Guide

New Power-Ups to Transform Mario

The Super Acorn

One of the standout features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the introduction of the Super Acorn power-up. When Mario collects this power-up, he gains a cape that allows him to glide gracefully through the air. This addition not only adds an element of strategy to the game but also provides players with breathtaking views of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Super Bell

Another exciting power-up is the Super Bell. When Mario grabs this item, he transforms into Cat Mario, complete with feline abilities. Cat Mario can climb walls and pounce on enemies, adding a new layer of exploration and combat to the gameplay.

The Lucky Bell

The Lucky Bell is a rare and coveted power-up that turns Mario into Lucky Cat Mario. This form allows Mario to collect coins simply by walking, turning coin collecting into a breeze. Additionally, Lucky Cat Mario can unleash powerful swipes to defeat enemies and obstacles.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unveiling New Power-Ups, Badges & Yoshi Riding Yoshi Beginners Guide

Collectible Badges for Customization

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unveiling New Power-Ups, Badges & Yoshi Riding Yoshi Beginners Guide

A Badge Collection System

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a badge collection system that allows players to customize Mario’s abilities. Badges are scattered throughout the game world, and each badge grants Mario unique enhancements. Whether you want to increase your jumping prowess, improve your combat skills, or enhance your exploration abilities, badges offer a wide range of options for tailoring your Mario experience.

Badge Combinations

Experimenting with different badge combinations adds an exciting layer of strategy to the game. Players can mix and match badges to suit their playstyle, making every playthrough a unique adventure.

Yoshi Riding Yoshi: A Heartwarming Experience

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unveiling New Power-Ups, Badges & Yoshi Riding Yoshi Beginners Guide

Double Yoshi Delight

Perhaps one of the most heartwarming features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the ability for Yoshi to ride another Yoshi. This delightful addition allows players to team up two Yoshis, opening up new gameplay possibilities. You can stack them to reach high places, solve intricate puzzles, and explore hidden secrets.

Community Excitement

Anticipation and Speculation

The Super Mario community is buzzing with anticipation and speculation about Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Fans are sharing their excitement about the new power-ups, badge system, and the adorable Yoshi riding Yoshi feature. The game promises to be a memorable addition to the franchise.

Potential for Speedruns

Speedrunners are eager to test their skills in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The introduction of new power-ups and badges presents opportunities for creative and challenging speedruns, adding to the game’s replayability.


When will Super Mario Bros. Wonder be released?

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released on [Date]. Mario fans are counting down the days!

What gaming platforms will the game be available on?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, giving players a unique gaming experience on this popular console.

Can I use my existing Mario amiibo figures with this game?

Yes, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is compatible with various Mario amiibo figures, offering additional in-game bonuses and surprises.

Are there any plans for downloadable content (DLC) in the future?

Nintendo has not officially announced any DLC plans for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but fans are hopeful for additional content in the future.

Can I play Super Mario Bros. Wonder with friends in multiplayer mode?

Yes, the game supports local and online multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up with friends for cooperative fun.

Will there be any special edition releases or pre-order bonuses?

Details about special edition releases and pre-order bonuses will be announced by Nintendo closer to the game’s release date.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is poised to be a fantastic addition to the beloved Super Mario franchise. With its innovative power-ups, customizable badges, and the heartwarming Yoshi riding Yoshi feature, it promises an unforgettable gaming experience. As the release date draws nearer, the excitement among Mario fans continues to grow. Get ready to embark on a remarkable adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom!

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