7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID

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Crafting a formidable and stylish Armored Core in Armored Core 6 involves more than sheer power—it’s about the perfect combination of prowess and aesthetics.

To assist players in this quest, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 most innovative decals. These decals not only add flair but also ensure your mech stands out while obliterating opponents on the battlefield. Keep in mind that Share IDs mentioned are platform-specific, so choose wisely!

Similar to previous FromSoftware titles, Armored Core 6 boasts social features like online PvP and sharing custom designs. Players can freely exchange mech designs, including layouts, paints, and decals, using uniquely generated ID codes. This community-driven aspect allows for the importation of user-generated creations, enabling players to personalize their Armored Cores to reflect their individual style.

Prepare to dominate the battlefield in style—enhance your Armored Core’s aesthetics and combat prowess with these innovative decals!

10) Berserk Brand

The Berserk Brand decal draws inspiration from the iconic manga and anime series “Berserk.” It often features the iconic brand, a symbol representing sacrifice and marking those doomed by supernatural forces. Adorning your Armored Core with this decal adds a dark and intense aesthetic, showcasing a sense of ominous power and foreboding.

7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News

6G60C5VG88JE (White): PC

K8H96S81JZ9F (Black): PC

ETHV3PD95S09 (Red) : PC

9) Rhodes Island

Originating from the popular mobile game “Arknights,” Rhodes Island’s emblem represents a pharmaceutical organization. Its design embodies a blend of professionalism and modernity, offering a sleek and futuristic appearance for your Armored Core.

7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News


8) Kirby

The lovable pink character from Nintendo, Kirby, brings a playful and charming touch to your Armored Core. This decal exudes a whimsical and joyful vibe, providing a stark contrast to the seriousness of mech combat.

7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News
  • P7FPH8J72C2D: PS5

7) Student Driver

A humorous decal that adds a touch of lightheartedness to your Armored Core, the “Student Driver” decal mimics the cautionary signs used for novice drivers. It injects a dose of humor into battles, perhaps signaling that your mech is still learning the ropes.


6) Gundam

7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News

The Gundam decal pays homage to the iconic mecha franchise, exuding a sense of mechanical prowess and technological sophistication. It’s a symbol of formidable strength and advanced combat capabilities.


5) The School of The Wolf Brand from The Witcher

7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News

Inspired by “The Witcher” series, particularly the School of the Wolf emblem, this decal adds an aura of mystery and resilience. It signifies a connection to a legendary school of monster hunters, portraying resilience, skill, and a touch of mystique.

  • VQ3VWE59T4AK: PC
7 Best Armored Core 6 decal Designs and their Share ID Gaming News

The Autobot logo from the “Transformers” franchise represents heroism, unity, and the fight for justice. When emblazoned on your Armored Core, it embodies a sense of nobility and camaraderie in the face of adversity.

  • DGSDR3J0A814: PC

Contrary to the Autobots, the Decepticon logo represents power, ambition, and a more antagonistic ethos. It adds a darker and more aggressive aesthetic to your Armored Core, symbolizing a force unafraid to embrace power.

2997DSBMNU00: PC

2) Elden Ring

The Elden Ring decal draws inspiration from the highly anticipated action RPG, showcasing a mystical and enigmatic design. It embodies a sense of grandeur, mystery, and a connection to an expansive fantasy world.

  • C73DUE076CPT: PS5

1) Evangelion

The Evangelion decal pays tribute to the renowned anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” It evokes a sense of existentialism, complexity, and the enigmatic nature of both man and machine. This decal often features iconic designs from the anime, resonating with themes of human emotion and struggle within a mechanized world.


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