How to Activate Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal (2023) and Their Functions

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Pokemon Quetzal, a captivating adaptation of Pokemon Emerald, brings exciting multiplayer features to the classic storyline. While the game remains true to its roots, it introduces cheat codes that can provide various advantages, but these cheats are accessible only in a dedicated cheats mode. This guide will walk you through the process of enabling cheats within the game and offer details on the available cheats and their functionalities.

How to Activate Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal (2023) and Their Functions Pokemon Go

How to Activate Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal

Activating cheats in Pokemon Quetzal is a simple procedure. Here are the steps to activate cheats in your game:

How to Activate Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal (2023) and Their Functions Pokemon Go
  1. Launch Pokemon Quetzal.
  2. Select the Cheats mode from the game’s menu.
  3. Once in Cheats mode, you can start a new game.
  4. After beginning the game, access the Start menu, which will display options like Pokemon, Bag, Ash, Save, Option, MPlayer, and Misc.
  5. Click on “Misc” within the Start menu.
  6. Within the Misc menu, you’ll find four options: PC, Eggs, Cheats, and Cancel.
  7. Select “Cheats” to unlock the cheat functionalities, giving you an advantage in progressing through the game.

Types of Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

How to Activate Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal (2023) and Their Functions Pokemon Go

Now, let’s explore the various cheat categories and their functions:

1. Utilities

  • Heal Party: This cheat allows you to heal your party at any location within the game.
  • Fly/Teleport: You can instantly move to different destinations on the in-game map, enhancing your convenience during gameplay.

2. Flags & Variables

  • These cheats enable you to:
    • Obtain Gym badges and flags.
    • Encounter different events throughout the game.
    • Adjust specific in-game settings according to your preferences.

3. Give X

  • Give item XXXX: Acquire any desired item in the game.
  • Fill Bag: Obtain all available items within the game.
  • Pkm (lvl): Possess any Pokemon at any level.
  • Pkm (l, s, n, a, IV, mov): Customize various attributes of your Pokemon, including shininess and nature.
  • Max Money: Obtain as much in-game currency as you desire.
  • Fill PC/Eggs: Choose to populate your PC with additional Pokemon or Eggs, depending on your preference.

By utilizing these cheats, you can enhance your overall experience while exploring the captivating world of Pokemon Quetzal. We wish you an enjoyable and exciting journey through the game!

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