Troubleshooting PGSharp Not Working in 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

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PGSharp, a tool frequently used by Pokémon Go players for location spoofing, is encountering issues for some users. If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with PGSharp, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Before delving into troubleshooting, let’s briefly explain what Pokémon Go is and why some players use PGSharp.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game based on your current location. It encourages players to explore their surroundings and capture Pokémon in their vicinity. However, not everyone has the same level of energy or willingness to venture outdoors to catch Pokémon. For such players, PGSharp offers a solution by enabling location spoofing.

Troubleshooting PGSharp Not Working in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide Tips & Codes

Common Causes of PGSharp Not Working:

Troubleshooting PGSharp Not Working in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide Tips & Codes

When PGSharp doesn’t work as expected, it’s typically due to device-specific issues and not the PGSharp app itself. The primary cause is often users not meeting PGSharp’s system requirements, as the app includes a GPS Joystick program and other features that differ from the official Pokémon Go.

Troubleshooting Steps for PGSharp Not Working:

Troubleshooting PGSharp Not Working in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide Tips & Codes

1. Check Server Status:

Begin by checking the server status on the official PGSharp support Twitter account. Ensure that the server is operational.

2. Clear App Cache:

Locate PGSharp in your phone’s app settings and clear the app’s cache.

3. Reinstall the App:

Uninstall and reinstall the PGSharp app. This may resolve certain inconsistent issues.

4. Use a VPN:

If the app isn’t working due to your IP address, try using a VPN to change your location and launch the app.

5. Restart Your Device:

A simple device restart may help resolve the issue. Force close the app through your device settings and then restart it.

6. Exit and Restart PGSharp:

Try exiting the PGSharp app and then restarting it. Some issues may be resolved this way.

7. Restart Your Phone:

If all else fails, restarting your phone and then launching the app might resolve the problem.

Using PGSharp:

Troubleshooting PGSharp Not Working in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide Tips & Codes

PGSharp allows you to spoof your location directly on your Android device without the need for a computer. It provides options to fake longitude, latitude, accuracy, speed, and altitude to ensure your specified location is as accurate as possible. Here are its key features:

  • No separate location spoofing app installation is required.
  • It offers a GPS joystick for easy location spoofing.
  • Auto-walk feature facilitates egg hatching.
  • You can adjust your character’s walking speed.
  • Instantly change your device’s GPS location to any place on the planet.

To use PGSharp, download and install it on your Android device, then leave it running in the background while playing Pokémon Go. This will provide you with a virtual joystick in the game, allowing you to catch Pokémon from different locations without physically being there.

In conclusion, PGSharp can be a handy tool for location spoofing in Pokémon Go, but users should be aware of its system requirements and potential issues. By following the troubleshooting steps, you can address common problems and continue enjoying the game. Please note that using location spoofing tools may violate Pokémon Go’s terms of service, so exercise caution and respect the game’s rules.

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